"Don't worry about saving these songs...
We have fallen into the place where everything is music." 


Yogic Chant is a sacred practice that cuts across all religious lines, opening the heart, cleansing the mind, balancing the nervous system and nourishing us from within. Unlike modern languages that are meaning-based, Sanskrit is energy-based. What this means is that through the force of vibration, Sanskrit chanting actually opens the subtle energy centers (chakras), creating much more fluidity and space inside. The mantras are catalytic agents that awaken and energize the best within us. This is why we repeat the same sounds and melody lines over and over. Repetition deepens and stabilizes the inner experience.


Chanting also stills the mind so that people who struggle with meditation often find it easier to sit quietly after a session of chanting.  Many also feel a sense of well-being. The secrets of chanting are simple. Relax. Breathe deeply. Participate as best you can. Understand that the energy (shakti) generated through these practices has a profound transformational power. The more you give yourself to the process, the more it gives back to you.

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