Suzin's work aka Devi Yoga is a potent mix of yogic philosophy and western psychology that expands to include Indian mythology, sacred poetry and wisdom texts of east and west. A real-life application for living in and from our truest self, Devi Yoga is grounded in Suzin’s practicality, humor, irreverence, love, and profound ability to recognize the best in everyone she sees.

Suzin is that rare combination of spiritual teacher who is both mystic and cynic, deeply reverent, yet always questioning. “Out there” in her insight and wisdom, she is also the most practical person you’ll ever meet. If you’re hungry, she’ll feed you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, she’ll help you write a to-do list. She can unpack the most obtuse yogic philosophy, making it relevant and simple to understand. Then sit you down to work out a strategy for getting along with a difficult boss, co-worker, or spouse. Chanting with Suzin can take you to heights of bliss and depths of stillness. Private sessions can drop you into levels of self-awareness you’ve not discerned before. And there is no one better to sit with when life seems to be falling apart. Whether she’s warming a mug of chai for you or holding a light in your darkness, to Suzin it’s all the same. She often jokes that she’s a full-service agency.  There is something extraordinary about her ability to meet every person, every situation, exactly where they are. It’s in that meeting that the magic happens. What is broken finds repair, what is good gets better, and what is better begins to soar.

Experience Devi Yoga through:

Monday Night Class
- Workshops and Retreats
- Mantra Immersion and Kirtan Concerts
- Private Sessions