"IF YOU WANT to move through life with real power and grace, it has to start from a fierce and fearless embrace of YOURself and the world."


Sessions with Suzin empower the ways you express yourself in all aspects of life. Sessions also include Eyes-Closed Work. This meditation-based therapy develops greater clarity and presence, increasing your effectiveness in the world. Family relationships, workplace performance, community service, creativity—all benefit from this work. There is a paring down to your essential self, a simplifying that allows you to see life as it actually is. You become rooted in your personal power and live with more equanimity and joy.

A pioneer in the fields of meditation-based therapies and life coaching, Suzin's work synthesizes more than three decades of focus on archetypal psychology, expressive arts therapy, eastern and western wisdom traditions, mantra meditation, and the arts.

I’ve lived a long time, studied a lot of systems, and done a lot of inner practice. In the end I think it all comes down to one simple thing: being seen and being heard. We need this from our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, community…and most of all, we need to see and hear our selves. For most of my formative life, I was rarely seen or heard. Mostly I got [bad] advice and [clueless] suggestions, with a healthy dose of criticism, obliteration, and that kind of “good-natured” ribbing that cuts deep into the soul. Fortunately I had writing and music. These were my mirror, the place I could feel the possibility inside me. As I slowly learned to listen and to see, I found my way.” 

The ideal session runs approximately two hours. If you require a shorter time frame, 60- or 90-minute formats as well as telephone, FaceTime, and Skype sessions are available.

“I’ve worked with many people over the years and whatever form the journey takes, it happens in the sacred ground of clear seeing and deep listening. In my opinion this is the greatest gift we can give. To meet someone where they are, listen to what they’re saying, and honor what we see and hear. This simple act makes miracles happen.”

Working with Suzin can help you:

- Master listening and communication skills
- Re-position yourself in a rapidly changing world
- Decipher the riddles of relationships, career, or calling
- Ease the experience of living with chronic illness or pain
- Neutralize harmful effects of stress
- Unravel emotional knots and harmful patterns
- Open creative blocks
- Cultivate emotional intelligence
- Experience deep relaxation
- Live with a stronger sense of grounding and inner stillness.


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